Norcal RoboRumble 2019

Visit for more details!

Deep Thought: MHQ's Entry in Hackaday Scifi Contest

It has been an eventful Winter! We’ve been working on trams, HATs, robots, and this 30 day project to build a Deep Thought-themed personal assistant.

Featured at MHQ: Light23's LED Cube

We end up working on many projects at our space, but very few have the wow factor of Light23’s humongous LED Cube chandelier.

DIY: Makerspace Standing Work Tables

One item that is essential to a good fabrication space is good tables. We feel that making them yourselves is by far the smartest option!

Project Noiseometer: Wrap-up and Moving Forward

We began our first community project build just about a month ago with the making of a sleek noise pollution data collection device, dubbed “Project Noiseometer”.

Join and Build With Us

Our equipment is running, our projects are in full swing, our doors are open here at MakerHQ!

Project: Changing Smart Lights with a Raspberry Pi

We used the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT’s joystick to interact with the REST API of the Philips Hue to control hue and brightness of the lights in our space.

Sharing Prints on Thingiverse

We’ve been focused on designing objects to inspire and awe over here at MHQ. As always, we’re making our designs available to the general public, so that they too can become excited about what they can design and print with a 3D Printer.

MakerHQ iPhone6 Case

If anyone wants to travel in style with a MakerHQ iphone 6 case, here is one you can print yourself! I printed mine with PolyMAX PLA, which is a filament that combines the strength and non-brittleness of ABS with the ease of printing PLA. I am not sure how a regular PLA one would turn out, but feel free to give it a try!

Hello, World. We are MakerHQ.

Nestled in a small space on a corner near the freeway in Sacramento, California, our space is just starting out its life in the community.