What is MakerHQ?

Our Mission

MakerHQ is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide a collaborative community space focused on harnessing the technical, artistic, and scientific elements of our city through endeavours in education, research, and team projects.

More about Us

Come together at our Space

As a simple explanation, makerspaces are simply community spaces that provide equipment, training, and a collaborative environment for those who want to MAKE.

Our space exists to exude and spread the culture of the Maker. By providing classes, community workshops, internal projects, and open space, we will show that both the individuals who make up our space and the community as a whole can DO quite a lot.

We are a community-focused organization. We want to make an impact on the technology community with the research and work created at our space. Similarly, we will heavily support and promote the open source community and the tools that it produces. Finally, we would be nothing without the local community, and therefore wish to give back to the city of Sacramento.

One thing we constantly hear is, "I'm not smart enough to be a maker". As a culture in the space, we make it clear that none of us were born makers. Seriously, we were all new to this too at one point and we will be there to provide resources and support for those seeking to learn! If you can't find something at your skill level, contact us and let us know what you're looking for!

So, to sum it up, we are a community of students, artists, teachers, tinkerers, Open Source contributors, entrepreneurs, brewers, command line gurus, designers, and builders. Come join us.