We end up working on many projects at our space, but very few have the wow factor of Light23’s humongous LED Cube chandelier.

MakerHQ member Chris Biddle has put in countless hours of work on this incredible open source project. The 16 by 16 LED Cube is made up of 4096 individually soldered LEDs and is powered by nine Arduino Megas. Chris has been hard at work creating the individual animations and software optimizations that result in the cube’s agile development! Recently, the LED Cube was featured at Sacramento’s inaugural “Diner En Blanc” event next to the new arena:

The ultimate goal of the LED cubes by Light23 is to promote the LED Cube as an educational platform. Chris hopes that by selling or leasing the cubes, there will be more exposure to the creative possibilities for programming the cube. He sees applications for the cube in areas such as gaming, 3D modeling, statistical representations, and advertising.

When the cube isn’t touring around various events in our region, it’s displayed prominently in our space as the coolest disco ball imaginable! Chris is constantly adding new animations to the cube, so check it out from time to time to see what’s changed!

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