We’ve been focused on designing objects to inspire and awe over here at MHQ. As always, we’re making our designs available to the general public, so that they too can become excited about what they can design and print with a 3D Printer.

Member Bill Betz has been working on his incredible Cuzbot. This little robot is printed in a way that allows its joints to be moved, somewhat similar to a modeling doll! They make incredible gifts and the base design will allow you to customize the doll and create all sorts of variations!

Then there are the MakerHQ coasters, which are a good way to experiment with a variety of different printing techniques. In the feature photo above, you can see that we did a multi-color print, which makes the logo really pop. Also, you can see the coaster to the left has a different texture due to its use of a wood infused filament. Specifically with this piece, it takes some close examination to realize that this was printed with a 3D printer and not milled out with the CnC machine.

We’ve recently launched our 3D Printer meetup and you can check out any 3D Printing events on the Sacramento Open Hardware meetup! As always, our 3D Printers are available to use for our members and during project builds!

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