Nestled in a small space on a corner near the freeway in Sacramento, California, our space is just starting out its life in the community.

This space started as an idea among a group who sees the power of technology and the Maker movement to come together and create wonderful things. We wanted to create a space where like minded individuals could push the limits in our fields of interest, yet also introduce fresh minds to the possibilities at their fingertips by providing resources and a community to come to in their own education.

We want to be much more than a repository of tools. We want to prove that there are endless opportunities to learn something new, refine existing skills, or gain expertise. We want to create the environment to bounce ideas off one another, working towards that spark of innovation that’s able to ignite change. We want to tap into the fun, creative side of the hard sciences, that reminds us that not everything has to be purely functional.

Come join us, as we grow and change. Join our newsletter below to get email updates of what’s going on with us. You can say hi to us in our Community Forum and weigh in on any topic. If you’re in the area, please stop by (though, specifically email us if you’d like a tour!). Finally, if you want to become part of the space, consider becoming a member.

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